The discipline policy of Harbor Christian/ Leadership Academy is designed to encourage responsible bahaviour and to teach students the value of making good choices. Good behaviour esures a classroom environtment in which children can learn academically and scoially. Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy seeks to balance instruction, correction, punishment and rewards, all of which are essential elements to prepare students for adulthood.

After students have been given the opportunity to learn the class rules and adjust to the routine, the teachers will begin to enforce the discipline policies. We have an awesome, positive way of handling discipline in the classroom. Each teacher will chart the daily behaviour of their students with incentives for good behaviour.

Harbor Christian/ Leadership Academy always desires to be fair in our judgement and in any action we take in disciplining children. While each situation is different, it is essential for us to maintain your faith, trust and support as we purpose to treat each child fairly and appropriately.

We have found that positive reinforcement reduces bahavioural problems. Behavioural problems are addressed immmediatley, with an assesment for the reason. If the problem continues, is a cause for concern, the administrator will be called in to help and the parents will be notified.

If a student is sent to the administrator the child may be instructed to call his or her parents (unless another contact is listed.) at work to explain their offense. If the behaviour persist, both the administrator and the students will talk with the parents to determine the appropriate discipline.

A student is sent directly to the office, without second or third chances for the following: Cheating, Lying, stealing, bodily harm to another child, spitting, innapropriate language, blatant disrespect toward any teacher, destruction of school property, or when the student refuses concil from teachers. Anytime the student is sent to the administrator for a serious offense, a Notice of Concern will be sent home which will require the signature of the parent.

Here is a list of some of the offenses that will be adressed immediately and action will be taken, pertaining to degree, as deemed fit by the teacher, and the Administration. This is in no particular order of level of offense and not limited to:


Cheating includes (but is not limited to) copying homework, handing in others homework, handing in others work, plagiarism in research papers and compositions, unauthorized assistance on test or quizzes, scoring violations, and tampering with curriculum any way including diagnostic or computer. It involves misrepresenting information and/or taking information from another source and presenting it as ones own. HCA/HLA has a zero tolerance policy for it. Therefore, students must come to understand the seriousness of an act of cheating. Teachers are required to take precautions in terms of test security and the structure of the classroom testing environment in order to protect students from unnecessary temptation. The teacher frequently reminds students of the consequences of cheating. The administrator has the authority to assess eacch situation. Cheating may result in the supensio/expulsion of the student from HCA/HLA.

If it is determined a student has indeed cheated, the following actions may be taken

  1. Cheating is a violation of honor and leadership is a matter of honor. CHeating and leadership do not go hand in hand therefore if the student holds any sort of leadership position in a club or class, or is a member of an athletic team, the student may lose the position and the student holds any sort of leadership position in a club or class, or is a member of an athletic team, the student may lose the position and the student will be disqualified from Honor Role.
  2. The student may recieve a zero on the assignment and be required to repeat workbook or unit. Material fees may apply.
  3. The administrator will be notified and a parent conference called.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Students are Absolutely not permitted to have cell phoneson their person during school hours. They may not keep them in their purse, coat, backpack or locker. If the student drives, phones may be locked in their car until dismissal, otherwise they must be checked in to the front office before 8:00AM. Cell phones that are seen or heard after 8:00AM and before school is dismissed will be confiscated. COnfiscated phones may be examined including phone numbers called, pictures stored and text messages sent and recieved. Innapropriate material found may result in further disciplinary action. In addition, students will be charged a $10.00 fee to have their phones returned or will leave the phone in the possesion of the administrator for 10 days. Parents who need to get an important message to their student may contact the school office. We will relay an urgent message to your child as soon as possible. Students will be allowed to use the school phone for emergencies.

Electronic devices such as MP3 players, CD players, gameboys, etc.. are generally not allowed on campus. The learning center teachers, may make exceptions but there will be definite parameters in place that students will be expected to abide by.