Parents and Teachers


Parents are the mortar of Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy, and as a parent you will share in the privilege of shaping your child’s education. Every Harbor parent is a member of the PTF. This is the perfect solution to being an involved part of your child’s school and receiving consistent and up-to-date communication. It is also the best way for our families to get to know one another and be well informed of school issues. PTF meetings provide a wonderful opportunity to share your vision for the school and help develop a plan for future goals and experience success together. You are Harbor Academy, you determine the success.


PTF meetings are regularly scheduled and announced in the school newsletter. At least one parent from each family is required to attend the PTF meeting so that you can participate in decisions which best serve your child and the school. Our preference would be attendance by both parents, but we understand “school night” issues and babysitting situations. For our single parent families, we require attendance every other meeting. If childcare is a concern, please contact us in advance and we will do our best to assist for a nominal fee.

Tuition fees do not cover all expenses of running a school. To keep costs as low as possible, both parents are strongly urged to commit to at least three hours of volunteer work each month. There are many opportunities to serve during school hours, evenings or on weekends. Some areas which need your help are:


Teacher Appreciation

School Wide Events

Building maintenance

Grading papers

Home-room parent

To find out which opportunities best match your skills and schedule; you can attend PTF meetings, talk with the Volunteer Coordinator and watch the weekly newsletter. Please carefully study these areas and find the opportunities where you can serve.

Our parent organization, PTF, is the heartbeat of our parent partnership. PTF’s mission is:“To partner with the Administration and staff in a positive relationship. As the Administration leads, sets goals, and ensures proper funding, PTF will be a helpmate to the Administration and staff. PTF will assist in whatever capacity is necessary to achieve its goals, serving the school at large, while submitting itself to the Administration.”

To be an effective helpmate, PTF seeks to: