Harbor Academy serves students who need a highly structured, individualized context in which to learn. Our strong academic curriculum includes multisensory teaching methods delivered in small class settings. Students at HLA are able to develop learning styles consistent with the strengths of their own minds through consistent processes and careful observation. We have achieved this goal since we focus on students’ gifts and abilities.


Prior to each school year, each students’ course schedule is individually prepared based on the students’ current levels in each area and the students’ goals.


Harbor Leadership Academy offers a comprehensive academic program, from developing essential fundamental and reasoning skills in our students, to providing the highest levels of instruction to our high school students that gives them a competitive advantage in the college application process. Small classes and individualized instruction and curriculum provide a non-threatening learning environment that makes learning Harbor students. As a result, our students have an opportunity to attain greater levels of understanding, which generally enables them to achieve outstanding scores on standardized examinations relative to state and national averages.

College Preparatory Program

Harbor recognizes that each student is unique and must find his or her individual pathway to academic, social, and emotional success. Following a careful review of the student’s data and academic history, an Individualized Holistic Education Plan is designed around the way each student learns best.


The academic curriculum includes traditional core subjects, computer science, Spanish, physical education, fine arts, and learning cognition. Students are trained to use the latest technology and software. Many students also enroll in the innovative Integrated Listening Systems that uses intensive cognitive exercises to restore and strengthen learning pathways in the brain.


Certified faculty and staff work with students to monitor progress toward individual goals, leveraging individual strengths into a comprehensive program. Harbor students graduate with the tools, skills, and confidence to become effective self-advocates and independent learners


85% of Harbor students go on to college, vocational, or technical schools, including dozens of top institutes, state colleges and universities across the country. Many students actually attend while still at Harbor for dual credit.

Specialized therapeutic and Transitional Solutions

All academic tiers are strongly supported by the additional therapy and instruction provided in pull-out sessions with occupational therapist, assistive technology instructors, and the clinical team. Additional fees may apply depending on level needed.


Special education faculty, work to develop, reading, writing, and verbal communication skills along with pragmatic language, metacognitive processing, and social skills.

Reading Program

Incoming students are assessed to identify their reading level. Classes are designed to improve reading fluency through decoding skills, and development of automaticity with respect to the sound-symbol relationships.


When students become more fluent readers, the focus shifts to comprehension strategies specifically designed for students with reading disorders.

Social Development

Language development, technology use, self-management, executive functioning, and social and emotional regulation are supported and addressed as "teachable moments" in the academic program.


A student who struggles with language will flounder in other academic areas. The Social Skills Communication class is taught by a part-time Speech and Language Pathologist.

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation of instruction is accomplished by identifying the performance levels of each student within the construct of curriculum standards for each class.


The premise is all lessons begin at the student’s instructional level and move toward mastery of the standards by utilizing specific teaching strategies that will foster student growth and achievement in relationship to the required competencies.

Individualized Education

At Harbor,  we cater to the whole student. Instructors adjust their level of support, and set the instructional level according to each student’s unique academic plan.

Student goals are identified, as well as accommodations necessary to achieve those goals. These adjustments are captured in the student progress reports for each class, with respect to the course standards.