Application for Admission 2022-2023

Harbor Leadership Academy offers a equal opportunity program for students who desire an excellent educational foundation in a safe environment.


The Administrator will schedule an interview with the parents of prospective students. At the Administrator’s discretion, the student will either be invited to attend the initial interview or to a follow-up interview on a separate visit. Father and mother, as well as the student (5th-12th), are required to participate in the interview process before admission to the school can be considered. Several interviews may be required before a final decision is made. NOTE: Students age 18 and over at the time of desired enrollment may not be admitted.

Review of Students History

Parents should bring records from previous schools including grades, transcripts and achievement test scores as well as teacher recommendations. Parents seeking to enroll a student at the beginning of a school year should bring the student’s academic information from the previous school year. Parents seeking to enroll a student after a school year has begun should bring the student’s academic information for both the current school year and the previous school year. Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy will administer an assessment test where additional data is needed. Parents are required to provide information regarding a student’s previous or pending infractions with law enforcement. You are also required to disclose information if your student has received emotional or psychological evaluation and/or counseling for any reason. Withholding such information could result in dismissal with no refunds.

Assessment of Student

The Administration will use the historical information to assess the student’s academic aptitude and to identify potential problems. All students admitted to the school will be evaluated to see what level they are performing in each subject. Grade level will be determined with the Administrator’s discretion. If there are indications of academic, emotional, psychological, legal, or past discipline problems, suspensions, or repeated absences, the Administrator has the right to contact the student’s previous school, law enforcement officials, physicians and other authorities for additional information and clarification.

Admission of Student

Upon completion of the interview process, review and assessment, the Administrator will make a determination to grant probationary admission or to decline admission.

Authority To Grant Or Decline Admission

The Administration has absolute authority in all matters regarding admission and dismissal. The decision to admit or decline admission remains the absolute right of Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy.

Probationary Admission

All admissions are granted as probationary pending the student’s satisfactory adjustment to the school environment, curriculum and standards of conduct. The probationary period will consist of one nine-week grading period. Probationary status may be extended for an additional nine-week grading period for students with deficiencies or areas of concern, if the Administration feels the area of concern can be corrected in that time. If, at the end of the second nine-week grading period, the necessary changes have not occurred, the student will be dismissed from the program. Probationary admission can be extended if the necessary changes are in process and the student’s teacher(s) and Administrator agree that the change is likely. Probationary admission will be reviewed each grading period by the teacher(s) and Administrator. Any student who’s grading report is below expectations, probation will apply.

Denial Of Admission

Denial of admission may occur when, in the opinion of the Administration, Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy is unable to meet the needs of the individual student based on evaluations and issues that would warrant denial or if it is determined that the student would not benefit from attending Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy.

Non-Discriminatory Statement

Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy admits students of any race to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally made available to all students. Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy practices a philosophy of admissions, not discriminatory on the basis of race, sex, color, religion or national origin in the administration of its policies, admissions, scholarships, athletics, and other school directed programs.

Enrollment Process

Once a student is granted admission, the Enrollment Process will begin. This process consists of the following:


Completion of the required paperwork enables Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy the greatest opportunity to serve your student. As per the laws of the state of Texas, we require a certified copy of your student’s birth certificate and a copy of each student’s current immunization record.

Enrollment Priority

The initial enrollment period is reserved for current students and their siblings. During this time, current students are encouraged to complete the enrollment process. Following this phase, enrollment will be offered to new families.

Waiting List

Once the maximum number of students has been enrolled for a class, a waiting list will begin. A student will not be placed on a waiting list until they have completed the enrollment process. All paperwork and fees will be held until the student is placed. If the student is not placed, the fees will be returned.

Enrollment Fee

The NON-REFUNDABLE Enrollment Fee is assessed per student, per year, and must be paid in its entirety prior to the beginning of class. This fee includes but is not limited to consumable materials such as classroom, student and janitorial supplies, teaching materials, the use of textbooks, workbooks and testing materials, student awards, enhancement program supplies such as Physical Education, and staff training and development. All supplies and materials covered by the Enrollment Fee remain the property of Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy.

Tuition Assistance

For families considering tuition assistance from the school, we would ask you to please carefully consider any sacrifices you can make in your lifestyle and budget to allow your child(ren) to attend. Our school has very limited funds and feels a tremendous responsibility to be good stewards of the tuition that many of our families pay at a great personal sacrifice. However, we do realize that certain circumstances arise for some families which would prevent their child(ren) from attending, or continuing to attend, Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy. Should you have concerns of this type, please see our Administrator.

Additional Fees, Fines, and Charges

The goal of Harbor Christian/Leadership Academy is to cover all necessary expenses through enrollment and tuition fees. In order to keep tuition low, extracurricular programs may require additional funding, for example, a class may decide to participate in a project or field trip. These situations require special approval by the Administrator, and will be optional for students.


Although participation in most activities is included in the Annual Tuition Fee, students may be required to pay additional fees or charges for such things as competition entry fees or travel expenses, etc.


All students are encouraged to properly care for textbooks, workbooks and other school property. If a book is found to be damaged (including marked or colored in any way) the parents will be charged the cost necessary to replace the book. Additional materials fees will apply to students who abuse school supplies.


Additional late fees, fines and charges may be assessed as approved by the Administrator for items such as damaged or broken property, failure to adhere to policies, failure to observe rules and warnings. In addition, Learning Center students may have additional fees for participation in accelerated programs or for repeat PACEs.

Harbor Leadership Academy admits qualified students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, in the administration of its education program, admissions, financial aid, athletics or other school policies. All students are afforded the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or make available to Harbor Leadership Academy students.